Understanding Drift


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Understanding Drift

Target audience: Managers

Length: Minimum ½ day

Format: Pure facilitation or using theatre

Super objective: To clearly understand the concept of organisational drift and how to avoid it in health and safety.

Description: Accident investigations tend to look for the broken part or the immoral actor who failed to do their job properly. What this approach fails to recognise is that accidents are more usually an emergent feature of normal people doing normal work in normal circumstances inside a system that is steadily drifting into failure. In our increasingly complex world, understanding the difference is critical to success.

Content / Format:

  • Introduction to Complexity Theory
  • Why the old ways don’t work any more
  • Understanding why people work in the ways that they do… the principle of Local Rationality
  • Recognising the role of Task Optimisation in drift
  • The over-reliance on technology
  • How resource scarcity and competition influence behaviours
  • Drifting into success… strategies for avoiding failure
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