Safe Driving


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Safe Driving

Target audience: All levels of the organisation

Length: Minimum 2 hours

Format: Use of theatre recommended

Super objective: To create an organisation of safe drivers.

Description: Every year, official figures from the HSE tell us that UK industry kills around 150 people in the workplace. But if we included the number of people killed in a road traffic collision where somebody was driving for work, the total would be more like 680. The fact is that whatever their actual job, for most people the task with the biggest risk that they carry out at work is driving. And yet many organisations don’t even consider driving as part of their health and safety culture, and many that do rely simply on tracking telemetric data to identify the ‘bad apples.’ So how do we create a different kind of organisation?

Content / Format:

  • Seeing driving as a safety critical task in its own right
  • Understanding the consequences of road traffic collisions
  • Executives and managers setting the example
  • The dangers of multi-tasking
  • Overconfidence
  • Driver fatigue
  • Journey planning
  • The attributes of a low-risk driver
  • Creating the right conditions for safe driving
  • Agreeing our signature practice, beyond the Highway Code
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