Creating a Culture of Engagement


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Creating a Culture of Engagement

Target audience: The Board or senior executive team & managers

Length: Minimum ½ day

Format: Pure facilitation or using theatre

Super objective: To work towards an organisation where all employees are engaged in the work that they do and willing to use their discretionary effort in order to create success.

Description: Every employer wants their people to give their best every day when they are at work. We know that this is what is going to make the difference between a good organisation and a truly great organisation, or sometimes simply between success and failure. Only engaged employees bring this power to work to their fullest potential, and the benefits of an engaged workforce for health and safety are clear; organisations with engagement in the bottom quartile average 62% more accidents than those in the top.

Content / Format:

  • The consequences of an unengaged organisation
  • The benefits of creating a culture of engagement
  • The importance of having a Strategic Narrative
  • The skills and qualities required to be an Engaging Manager
  • How to make sure your organisation listens to the Employee Voice
  • Creating Organisational Integrity and building trust
  • Action planning
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At Juice Learning we’re helping organisations progress from their procedure-heavy, compliance-led approach and supporting them in creating inclusive, values-driven cultures where everyone is empowered to challenge the status-quo and make a positive contribution to improving safety.