Near Hit & Accident Reporting


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Near Hit & Accident Reporting

Target audience: The Board or senior executive team, managers & all levels of the organisation

Length: Minimum ½ day

Format: Pure facilitation or using theatre

Super objective: To work towards building a culture where accidents and near hits are reported and dealt with in an appropriate manner.

Description: Most organisations want to create a culture where near hits and accidents are reported by all staff, but many fail short of this for a variety of reasons. Some barriers to success are procedural, some are structural, some are cultural and understanding which are at play and how to remove them is imperative, before you even start thinking about how to encourage such a reporting culture.

Content / Format:

  • Identifying the barriers holding you back
  • Strategies to remove those barriers
  • Understanding the importance of near hit and accident reporting
  • Recognising the consequences of a culture of non-reporting
  • Agreeing what we should be reporting
  • Creating a culture of self-reporting
  • How to deal with near hit reports
  • The importance of feedback on action taken
  • What we can learn from the experiences of others
  • Being proactive
  • Putting the common good before our own pride
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