Communication Skills


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Communication Skills

Target audience: The Board or senior executive team, managers & supervisors

Length: Minimum ½ day

Format: Use of theatre recommended

Super objective: To improve personal communication skills to strengthen the health and safety culture and improve working relationships.

Description: Communication is something that we have all been doing since we came into this world, but are we any good at it? What training have we had to ensure we are communicating in the best possible way and what bad habits have we picked up over the years in the name of expediency or winning the argument? George Bernard Shaw once said that ‘The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.’ So how do we dispel that illusion and make sure that it has?

Content / Format:

  • The mechanics of effective communication
  • The barriers to effective communication
  • Clarity and brevity
  • Listening and understanding
  • Questioning skills
  • Non-verbal communication
  • Vocal dynamics
  • Storytelling
  • Checking understanding
  • Clarifying and summarising
  • Including and involving
  • Encouraging diversity of opinion
  • Building rapport
  • Using humour
  • Demonstrating empathy
  • Giving and receiving feedback
  • Picking the right medium
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