The Challenge of Change – Resilience


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The Challenge of Change – Resilience

Target audience: All levels of the organisation

Length: 1 or 2 days (1 day pure facilitation; 2 days using theatre)

Format: Use of theatre recommended

Super objective: To develop and enhance personal resilience through a robust programme designed by internationally renowned psychologist Dr Derek Roger.

Description: Conventional ‘managing stress’ training assumes that life events are stressful; The Challenge of Change (CoC) turns this idea on its head, drawing a clear distinction between pressure and stress. Rather than the misleading idea of good and bad stress, CoC contradicts the widely held view that some stress is good for you. This highly engaging and practical programme will give you a clear understanding of what stress is really all about and the link between stress and poor health. You’ll discover how you can combat stress in work and home life, feel better, be more productive and content. Resilient businesses and organisations have a lower rate of sickness absenteeism, a healthier, more positive workforce and greater profitability. Delivered in the UK by accredited associates of our partner organisation Petros, firmly evidence-based and developed from on-going academic research, Challenge of Change applies cutting-edge psychology to the training, assessment and development of people.

Content / Format:

  • A simple four-step strategy for enhancing your personal resilience
  • The distinction between pressure and stress
  • How to control our attention
  • Becoming detached to improve perspective
  • Letting go of stress
  • The concept of thriving, not just surviving
  • Improved communication skills
  • Strategies for relaxing both mind and body
  • Strategies for enhanced well-being and better performance
  • A personal resilience profile
  • Comprehensive workbook
  • Access to 3-month online follow-up support
  • FREE downloads for relaxation support
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