Focus Groups


Consultation /

Focus Groups

Target audience: All levels of the organisation


  • Pure facilitation
  • Any level of activity undertaken, whole organisation or defined sample size
  • Range of possible group sizes
  • Can be run in any location at any time
  • Can be broken down into any combination of managers sessions, workforce sessions, contractors, etc…
  • Any length of session
  • Any number of sessions

Super objective: To gain a deeper insight into what is driving people’s view of the health and safety culture

Description: Nobody knows the health and safety culture better than the people doing the actual work. The data generated by a survey is useful, but to truly understand what is going on we need to dig deeper and explore the reasons that people hold the beliefs that they do. Nothing beats going straight to the source, and people love to be listened to!

Juice Health & Safety Portfolio

At Juice Learning we’re helping organisations progress from their procedure-heavy, compliance-led approach and supporting them in creating inclusive, values-driven cultures where everyone is empowered to challenge the status-quo and make a positive contribution to improving safety.