Mental Health Awareness


Mental Health & Resilience /

Mental Health Awareness

Target audience: All levels of the organisation

Length: Minimum ½ day

Format: Use of theatre highly recommended

Super objective: To take a practical and common sense approach, providing advice and understanding of how to recognise common mental health conditions and to introduce the essentials of mental health, consider it in the context of physical health and normalise mental health in terms of its applicability to all of us.

Description: Many of us feel that we lack knowledge and understanding of what mental health and distress actually means and this can lead to anxiety about engaging and dealing with those who have a mental health condition. With one in four of us experiencing a mental health issue in our lifetimes, this programme provides a greater understanding of issues around mental health, stigma and support.

Content / Format:

  • To raise awareness and understanding of concepts of mental health and distress
  • To recognise the causes, signs and symptoms of a range of common mental health conditions
  • Understand the similarities and differences between mental health and physical health
  • Recognise the dynamics of mental health by considering it on a continuum of good to poor mental health
  • Identify factors that influence mental health
  • Be familiar with the terminology and diagnostic criteria associated with common mental health conditions
  • Be able to distinguish between fact and fiction in relation to mental health symptoms and manifestations
  • Be able to identify personal concerns regarding responding to others mental health challenges
  • Breaking down the stigma attached to mental ill health and encouraging a culture of open discussion
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