Appreciative Inquiry


Consultation /

Appreciative Inquiry

Target audience: All levels of the organisation


  • Pure facilitation
  • Any level of activity undertaken, whole organisation or defined sample size
  • Range of possible group sizes
  • Can be run in any location at any time (particularly useful if carried out at location of actual work)
  • Can be broken down into any combination of managers sessions, workforce sessions, contractors, etc…
  • Start to build a sense of purpose and forward momentum
  • Gets people talking about the future and raises expectations
  • Enables people to feel engaged and included

Super objective: To understand what is going right in your organisation and learn from the good practice already in existence.

Description: In most organisations, there is more going right than going wrong. People come to work to do a good job; drawing on their knowledge, experience and expertise is a powerful model for creating greater success in the future. Continually focussing on problems will only bring you more problems… actively searching for solutions will bring you just that.

Juice Health & Safety Portfolio

At Juice Learning we’re helping organisations progress from their procedure-heavy, compliance-led approach and supporting them in creating inclusive, values-driven cultures where everyone is empowered to challenge the status-quo and make a positive contribution to improving safety.