Safety in Numbers – Taking Responsibility for Success


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Safety in Numbers – Taking Responsibility for Success

Target audience: All levels of the organisation

Length: Minimum ½ day

Format: Use of theatre highly recommended

Super objective: To encourage people at all levels of the organisation to work together in a constructive way to improve the health and safety culture that surrounds their work.

Description: Most people want to work safely and get home to their families at the end of their working day. So what is it that sometimes stops this from happening? How do we create a culture where everyone works together to ensure the highest standards of health and safety? How do we get managers and workers aligned and in-step on the journey to excellence. How do we get people to contribute in the right way?

Content / Format:

  • The vision for health and safety
  • The consequences of a disjointed approach
  • The importance of positive relationships in creating safety
  • Building mutual trust and respect
  • The features of positive communication in generating ideas for improvement
  • Ways in which everybody can contribute to improving health and safety
  • How to look after each other at work
  • Personal responsibility for a collaborative approach
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At Juice Learning we’re helping organisations progress from their procedure-heavy, compliance-led approach and supporting them in creating inclusive, values-driven cultures where everyone is empowered to challenge the status-quo and make a positive contribution to improving safety.