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Just Culture

Target audience: The Board or senior executive team & managers

Length: 1 day

Format: Pure facilitation

Super objective: To understand the principles of a Just Culture and work towards a strategic plan for creating this in your organisation.

Description: A culture of health and safety excellence cannot exist without relationships built on mutual trust. Without this key tenet, accidents and near hits will be under-reported, mistakes will be swept under the carpet and people will not be able to talk openly and honestly about the health and safety challenges that they face on a daily basis. But building trust requires more than managers with a firm handshake and good eye contact. It requires an organisation to respond fairly to the people involved when things go wrong, maximising learning and minimising negative impact. It requires a Just Culture.

Content / Format:

  • What is a Just Culture?
  • Understanding accountability
  • Retributive and restorative justice
  • Sanctions and ‘punishment’
  • Removing fear from the system
  • Support for second victims
  • Putting human error in context
  • The three principles of justice
  • Hurts, needs and obligations
  • Justice beyond the decision tree
  • Based on the work of Pr. Sidney Dekker
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