Developing Trust


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Developing Trust

Target audience: The Board or senior executive team, managers & supervisors

Length: ½ day

Format: Use of theatre recommended

Super objective: To help managers and supervisors to more effectively develop relationships built on mutual trust.

Description: When it comes to health and safety, trust is vital. If you want people to report near-hits and accidents, they have to trust you; if you want people to own up to mistakes, they have to trust you; if you want people to talk openly about mental health, they have to trust you; if you want people to go with your plan for improvement, they have to trust you. Trust is often seen as a fluffy ‘nice to have’ but in reality, it’s a rock-solid ‘must have.’

Content / Format:

  • The importance of your people trusting you
  • The importance of you trusting your people
  • The consequences when trust breaks down
  • Practical ways to build trust
  • Effective listening as a route to trust
  • Management behaviours that destroy trust
  • Reducing the gap between what we say and what we do
  • Health and safety benefits of trust
  • Confidentiality
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