Managing Mental Health


Mental Health & Resilience /

Managing Mental Health

Target audience: The Board or senior executive team & managers

Length: Minimum 1 day

Format: Use of theatre highly recommended

Super objective: To equip managers with the confidence and basic skills to support, communicate and interact with staff experiencing mental health conditions and distress.

Description: The third most commonly reported cause of stress in the work place is managerial style and yet only 22% of managers are trained in how to support staff. Mental Health Awareness for Managers is a highly practical and interactive course that gives managers an opportunity to explore what they can do to help staff feel safe, supported and understood. This training is a follow on programme and ideally participants will have previously attended our Mental Health Awareness course.

Content / Format:

  • How to normalise conversations about mental health
  • Identifying the skills associated with having a conversation with a member of staff about their mental health
  • Practicing these skills
  • Consolidating listening skills
  • Building inquiring abilities
  • Reflecting back for clarity
  • Using “Building Resilience” techniques in conversations
  • Identifying strengths and areas of vulnerability in managing these conversations
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