Strategic Planning


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Strategic Planning

Target audience: The Board or senior executive team

Length: On-going process

Format: Pure facilitation

Super objective: To help your Board to develop a strategic health and safety plan to ensure sustainable health and safety improvement for the longer term.

Description: Most organisations don’t plan safety in the same strategic way that they do business growth or development. Many work in one-year safety improvement planning cycles with a very narrow scope and a focus on time-limited campaigns on specific subjects. To achieve sustained improvement in health and safety for the long term, a more strategic, vision-based approach is required.


  • Developing the long term vision for health and safety
  • Creating the strategy to achieve your vision
  • Linking the strategy to your overall business plan
  • Connecting the strategy to your values
  • The importance of employee input
  • How to measure success… successfully
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At Juice Learning we’re helping organisations progress from their procedure-heavy, compliance-led approach and supporting them in creating inclusive, values-driven cultures where everyone is empowered to challenge the status-quo and make a positive contribution to improving safety.